| Engraved Plant Labels
Traditional garden markers identify landscape plants & trees.
Classically inspired, they are found in arboretums & botanical gardens around the world.
We make garden markers for all levels of garden makers.

About Gardenmarkers was incorporated on December 24, 1999 in Charlottesville, VA. Garden markers are found in world-famous botanical gardens, arboretums, historical landmarks, parks, museums, universities, plant nurseries, farms and wineries…..

Our mission: to provide proper plant labeling and tree identification systems for all garden enthusiasts. The classical garden markers consist of custom engraved plant markers, tree markers, hanging plant tags, tacks and stakes (sold individually).

Garden makers of all levels, horticulturists, and landscape architects have significantly appreciated our products to help identify valuable plants and enhance beloved gardens. Gardenmarkers products are built to endure decades of sun, rain, wind, snow, all kinds of weather. Our marker stakes are easily removed for repositioning for many years of use.

We have included a plant resources library, to assist in text layout and design, plant format, proper spelling of scientific plant names identification requirements.

It is understood: our customers are responsible for the plant lists text they submit for engraving. For clientele with large plant lists, we offer a service alternative for proofreading, spell check, proper plant text format and layout for a small additional fee. Please contact us for a quote.

Identification, LLC partners are delighted you have chosen We are happy to assist you with all your garden marker needs.


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