Plant Encyclopedias

Sampler Pack

Sampler Pack

Is plant and tree identification important to you? Do you need examples to show your client, club or committee? The Sampler includes an assortment of standard offerings. These include engraved plant labels, stakes and a tree tack. This assortment will help you determine which application is most suitable for your garden’s presentation.

Sampler Includes:

1 Small Label with (1) Engraved Line
1 13” Flat Faced Plant Stake
1 Large Plant Label with (3) Engraved Lines
1 18” Open Top Plant Stake

1 Tree Label (large) with (2) Engraved Lines
1) Tree Tack

Price: $29.95 + shipping and handling

Spring Special

Enhance your garden! Identify your plants. Order 12 or more labels and receive a $ 10 gift award. For your use or pass on to a fellow gardener.

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