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Four Line Plant Labels

Four Line Plant Labels

Labels and stakes sold separately.

Labels are available in two standard sizes:

Size Price Quantity Discount
Small (1.75” x 3.50”) $6.00 12 or more for $5.75 now $5.25
Large (3” x 4”) $8.00 12 or more for $7.75 now $7.00

Ordering Plant Labels:
2 Easy Steps

Step1. Select Size (Small or Large) and Quantity.

Step 2. Create your Plant List.

Two choices:

A.  Type in or paste in your plant list below.


B. If it’s more convenient, you can email us your spreadsheet or text file after you purchase. Let us know by checking the ” I will email my plant list after I place my order” box after selecting size and quantity.

When finished, click “Add to order”.

Characters per Line Guidelines

Upper case: 18-20 characters per line
Mixed case: 21-23 characters per line
Lower case: 22-24 characters per line

I will email my plant list after I place my order

To create your list now, type (or paste) in your plant list, one marker per line.

Your markers are custom printed based on what you tell us. We print what you type. Use either upper case, lower case, or mixed case letters.

Separate lines with a slash (/). For example, if you want the label pictured above, you would type: Papaveraceae/ORIENTAL POPPY/P. orientale/Princess Victoria Louise on one line.

Winter Special

Enhance your garden! Right now, order 12 or more labels and enjoy an added discount. Order or send us your plant list for a quote.

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