Plant Encyclopedias

Welcome to! offers plant and tree identification ‘systems’ that are comparable to world-famous botanical gardens and arboretums. The classical garden marker consists of an engraved plant label and stake. Plant labels and stakes are sold separately. was incorporated in 1999. Our mission: Offer every gardener a plant labeling ‘system’ similar to those found at world famous botanical gardens and arboretums.


Since our beginning, gardeners of all levels have used our engraved garden markers to identify their plants and enhance their gardens. Satisfied customers include: museums, universities, historical landmarks, public parks & gardens, landscape architects, plant nurseries, and of course, thousands of private gardeners.
Early on we opted to include resources for gardeners to check the spelling of their plant names. Plant encyclopedias are available on our website
While plant labels are our primary product, requests for custom engraved signs has grown. So, if you need special signage, do contact us.

Spring Special gift certificates are appreciated by every gardener. We’ll email the certificate to you for delivery to your recipient.

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